Senteurs D'Orient

Tomasz was introduced to Senteurs D'Orient - a Lebanese luxury family-owned company specialising in handcrafted fine fragrance soaps inspired by the bathing rituals - 6 months ago by a close friend. He has since then has fallen in love with the bath salts and the soap - so much so that he has abandoned soap he has used for the last 30 years. Rose of Damascus evokes his treasured childhood memories of the roses grown in his parents garden and his grandmother making jam out of the petals.


When the tragedy occurred on August 4th in Beirut his immediate thoughts were what he was going to do to help the situation that has been unfolding in Lebanon for so long. After speaking to numerous close friends he was directed to supporting The Red Cross in Lebanon. At the same time it was only logical to approach a company based in Lebanon for which he already had a great affinity for. 25% of sales of Senteurs D'Orient products online and in store will be donated to The Red Cross in the hope of supporting Lebanon. 


When choosing pieces to sell online, Tomasz could not go without his all time favourite candle. When walking down Elizabeth Street he noticed this extraordinary smell of roses and he started looking for the shop that this incredible scent was coming from. He finally found Grosvenor Stationary where the shopkeeper burnt this candle every day. From then on Tomasz was hooked. When he saw that it was Rigaud of course he recognised the greatest candle makers of all time - for their unforgettable Cyprès candle which was given its legendary status by the late Jackie Kennedy.

Also famous for being the oldest scented candle makers in the world, the reason that Rigaud stand out is the quality of the candle and intensity of the scent. 

Tomasz Starzewski for Anne Singer Collection

Tomasz's favourite thing when designing people's bedrooms is fabric wall upholstery. He loves to use simple fabrics - checks and stripes - and his other love has always been embroidery. During lockdown when Anne Singer Collection launched face masks Tomasz had pieces of fabric leftover from interior projects that he converted into packaging and that lead to this idea of creating a range of essential travel pieces.


Tomasz took his favourite shapes of bags that he has at home to pack his clothes into his suitcase as when he unpacks his suitcase the most important thing is that clothes look fresh and are ready to be worn. He has created a line supporting British fabric manufacturers in three beautiful styles that he is excited to share below. 

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